Impact & Partnerships



We were honored to participate in Outsummit, a conference for international LGBTQ+ human rights advocates and activists worldwide, hosted by OutRight Action International.

BeBe and director Emily Branham engaged in Q&A sessions moderated by Rikki Nathanson and Micheal Ighodaro, and presented BEING BEBE via virtual screening to conference attendees and presenting partners.

Touched my heart profoundly…I encourage everyone to go to the screening, it’s amazing! You will not regret it.”
Rikki Nathanson
Senior Advisor Global Trans Program OutRight Action International
“Moving, captivating, inspiring – It’s everything…Millions of people across the globe – especially young black queer people – will be very moved and inspired.”
Micheal Ighodaro
Board Member OutRight Action International, Nigerian Activist, subject of HBO documentary Legend of the Underground


The Fulbright Association welcomed members of the filmmaking team, Kimahli Powell, Executive Director of Rainbow Railroad, and representatives from Fulbright Noir and Fulbright Prism to discuss themes from BEING BEBE: challenging stereotypes, empowering diverse gender expression, celebrating creativity, family acceptance, faith, love, and LGBTQI+ human rights.

BEING BEBE has multiple ties to Fulbright: BeBe’s father Dr. Collins Ngwa – an esteemed Professor of International Relations in Yaounde who appears throughout the film – was a Fulbrighter from Cameroon (1986). Producer Jonathan Goodman Levitt and Advisory Board Member Natasha Johnson were also Fulbrighters to the U.K.


We also contributed a blog post to Fulbright Association, which you can read here.



One of our wonderful producers Marc Smolowitz organized an extra special 2-night community event in his hometown of San Francisco. A screening and reception was held on on night #1, in exquisite community partnership with Frameline, Rainbow Railroad, Bravemaker, and Roxie Cinema. The audience was so connected – bigger laughs & audible reactions than any other screening we’d had so far. Two (!) standing ovations. And then during the Q&A, on the very last question, BeBe’s CHILDHOOD CLASSMATES stood up and introduced themselves. They had all been in the choir and food & nutrition classes together back in Cameroon (as pictured in old photos we see in the film). There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when they declared their loving celebration of Marshall’s whole self and achievements. They also affirmed that (just as he states in our film), BeBe has always been a part of Marshall from the very beginning, and we really got that right.

Then on night #2, BeBe performed live with her incredible band (led by music director Taylor Hamilton) at legendary San Francisco drag institution, Oasis. The fabulous Cameroonian contingent from the night before once again drove 75 miles to be there, bringing friends and signs they’d made themselves with Cameroonian flags, hearts, and lyrics to BeBe’s songs. It was pure collective effervescence (that’s an Émile Durkheim concept I learned from a Brené Brown podcast – isn’t it great?). BeBe & her band gave us the BEST show, the energy from the crowd – which hailed from all sorts of backgrounds – was amazing, and after two years of relative isolation and so much pent up EVERYTHING, it was just so much FUN.

I had a realization: THIS IS IMPACT. Representation, empowerment, inspiration and community-building at its most joyous.


BeBe, Emily and other members of the filmmaking team are open to and interested in speaking & panel opportunities. We’ve spoken about our experiences with impact, technology/remote production, crowdfunding, distribution, equity/inclusion and more as it relates to BEING BEBE. Feel free to inquire below.


OutRight Action International and Rainbow Railroad joined us as community presentation partners for BEING BEBE’s US broadcast premiere on FUSE.

FUSE, like us, is committed to partnering with social justice and community organizations to help ignite multi-platform conversations. Both Rainbow Railroad and OutRight Action International contributed pertinent “factoids” about that status of LGBTQ+ human rights worldwide that were shared alongside promotion of the film, and interspersed throughout the broadcast premiere.

Fuse’s MISSION is to provide entertaining content that empowers young multicultural audiences, and BEING BEBE is one of just a few featured films on the FUSE DOCS slate: “a Peabody, Emmy and NAMIC award-winning documentary franchise that spotlights young, idealistic and diverse people who are celebrating their cultural heritage and identity, confronting issues, and overcoming prejudice.”



Unlike watching a film alone, hosting an in-person or virtual screening event is a powerful way to build & strengthen your community.

Holding space for dialogue with the filmmakers or Marshall (aka BeBe) present, is an opportunity to create a unique, uplifting and memorable experience – and generous offering – for your organization’s members.


Challenges stereotypes & prejudice

Represents, destigmatizes & empowers diverse gender expression

Inspires persistence, self-acceptance & empowerment

Celebrates the value & power of art

Models family acceptance & love

This has been an absolute joy, I cannot wait to share this film further - thank you all so much for this amazing conversation <3”
- Audience Member in Ireland attending Live Q&A

WORKPLACE Experiences:
diversity equity & inclusion (DEI) events

“The screening and Q&A session proved to be an extremely valuable experience for my colleagues and me. Our rich discussion with Emily Branham and Diego Wyatt—and the film itself—was insightful, thought-provoking and informative. We really enjoyed the opportunity to explore deeper into the life and journey of BeBe.”
Tanya Lord
Director, Marketing, One North
"The Show and Tell Link made watching and sharing the screening experience with our employees quick and easy. Emily was great about answering questions and working with us to get this event off the ground. We were so happy to be able to provide this screening and Q&A for our company’s Pride event. We got such positive feedback from everyone who participated."
Sierra Pritchard
Office & Talent Manager, One North