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Host a Screening

Bring Love & Light to your community

“I didn’t realize how much I needed to see this film. Emotional, funny, inspiring!

– Audience member in NYC

Why host a screening?

Unlike watching a film at home alone, hosting an in-person or virtual screening is a powerful way to build & strengthen your community.

Hosting a screening of BEING BEBE, with the filmmaker or even Marshall (aka BeBe) present, is an opportunity to create a unique, uplifting and memorable experience – and generous offering – for your organization’s members. 

BEING BEBE is a film that:

  • Challenges stereotypes & prejudice
  • Represents, destigmatizes & empowers diverse gender expression
  • Inspires persistence, self-acceptance & empowerment
  • Celebrates the value & power of art
  • Models family acceptance & love 
The dialogues and mind-shifts coming out of our community screenings and events have been powerful and transformative – among individuals of all types of backgrounds and worldviews.

“Our community need to see that being gay/being a drag artist is perfectly ok. In Africa, there is a huge stigma still attached to diverse gender expressions, genders and sexual orientations. This movie represents hope to my LGBTQI followers.” 

– Audience Member in South Africa

“Great film. Really humanizing. Hope many people will see it who come in with negative perceptions about drag.

– Audience Member in Arizona

“It was so powerful listening to Bebe’s conversations with young queer people, the mutual love and respect was beautiful.”

– Audience Member in Ireland


Let us know about you & your screening ideas using the form below. 

We’ve held deeply impactful events that ran the gamut from virtual screenings + zoom Q&As, to 2-night in-person events with a film screening the first night, and a live performance with BeBe & her band at a legendary local drag club the next night.  The sky is the limit, and the simple can be sublime.

How might a screening of BEING BEBE support & amplify the work you are already doing? Our team will follow-up soon and answer any questions you may have.