Ann Rose | Assembly Editor

Ann Rose is a renaissance producer and editor with a background in development, production and post-production. She has built her career bridging the gaps between cinematic documentary programs and compelling unscripted television, and between journalistic reportage and branded entertainment.  Ann brings 20 years of television network, indie film and commercial production experience to every project she touches.  She has produced and executive produced docuseries and documentaries for Sundance Channel, BBC, PBS, HBO, MTV, VH1 and AMC, including the GLAAD award winning series TRANSGENERATION, the series BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR, and the feature documentaries PRODIGAL SONSGARBAGE WARRIOR, and PRIMA DONNA: A RUFUS WAINRIGHT OPERA.  In 2014 Ann transitioned to hands-on editing and has been producing and editing for both short form and long form programs ever since, including a fundraising scene and assembly edit for the feature documentary BEING BEBE, directed by Emily Branham.