IFP’s “Art of the Pitch” at Lincoln Center

I got to pitch BEING BEBE to an incredible panel of documentary industry decision-makers at IFP’s Independent Film Week at Lincoln Center.  One of three non-fiction films selected, we had just 90 seconds to present her project. She then received feedback from experts Simon Kilmurry (POV), Judith Helfand (Chicken & Egg Pictures), Julie Anderson (WNET) and Jackie Glover (HBO). The response from panelists and audience members was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Thanks, IFP!

“That was wonderful.  I was completely drawn in by the total story, which is extraordinary to do…You were funny, you had humility, you’re incredibly loving. You have a real relationship with this person, it’s lasted for 8 years. He’s let you in, he’s let you see him be vulnerable. It has all the strengths in it that you need to have a wonderful story.”  – Judith Helfand

“You were a good storyteller….and you have a strong character.  You made this person come to life, and I could see this person and think about this person, and want to know more about this person that you’re following.  And I think those are really key things in any documentary.  So thank you.”  – Jackie Glover

“If the goal of this 90-second pitch was to get a meeting, we should have a meeting! You knew what you wanted to say, but it was natural. It was coming from your heart…I love that you’re with this guy for 8 years. It just shows incredible dedication. And I know that over a period of 8 years, you’re gonna have all the elements of a story:  conflict and drama, triumph and challenge, and all those things that we look for.” – Simon Kilmurry